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5 stars - pink
“My 3 kids went for “bring a friend” day… They had so much fun. They really enjoyed themselves. The instructor seemed really interested in my daughter in the pink leotard with colorful shorts.”

Jammie A.

5 stars - pink
“My daughter has recently completed her first year at RDC, and we have loved it. It is a small studio with a family focus. The teachers are interested in pushing each student to succeed… Not just in dance, but also in life. It truly is a big dance family!”


5 stars - pink
“We couldn’t be happier with our dance studio. The level of choreography, technique, and training is superb and our boys are continually becoming better dancers! We also love that this studio has a large number of boys and that we are like a family. We couldn’t ask for better teachers! They are knowledgeable, trained, and put all the kids first!”

Sharon G.

How to Join the Dance Family

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Come for a visit!
Tour the studio and watch a few classes.

Step 2

Register for the classes of your choice on the JackRabbit website – click “Forgot Password” to get started and make an account.

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Get surrounded by aspiring dancers of all levels and gain skills like teamwork, exercise, and have fun all at the same time.

Revolution Dance Company

At Revolution Dance Company, we know that you want to be a better dancer. In order to that, you need regular practice with experienced dancers.  The problem is being new to dance can be intimidating. So, we want to build everyone’s confidence in themselves and their skills.  We believe everyone should love dancing and should feel comfortable dancing in public. 

We understand it’s tough to commit to a new class when you don’t know anyone in it, which is why we’ve worked on making our classes comfortable for our students since we began teaching.  Here’s how we do it:  1. Come and watch a few classes you’re interested in, 2. Connect with a great group of dancers, 3. Continue to practice becoming a better dancer.  So, register now to sign up for your first class.  And in the meantime, contact us to get the opportunity to sit in on a class so you can get a feel of how we like to teach.  So you can stop avoiding the dance floor and instead impress everyone around you, now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the earliest age a dancer can start?

We offer classes from age 2-adults.

How do I know which class to enroll my child in?

You can enroll your child or contact us for help if you get confused.

How long is a session?

Sessions vary depending on age and style of classes.

How do I register my child for a class?

You can register for classes virtually through JackRabbit, linked under register on the website. Create an account and get started. Call or email us with any further questions.

How old is "too old" to sign up?

There is no such thing as “too old”. If you want to dance, come in and try a class. All are welcome.

What should my dancer wear to class?

Wear whatever is comfortable for you to move in. We only ask you to not wear jeans and keep yourself covered appropriately.

Where can I purchase dancewear?

You can purchase dancewear from various online websites or athletic stores. However, dancewear is also as simple as a t-shirt and a pair of shorts from your closet.

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